I’ve always been one for showing my passion and directing my energy into things that make sense to me and which is relevant to our society.

Being true to myself and revealing my inner purpose brings both anxiety and relief. But most of all it brings energy.

I just simply HAVE to help people create a more meaningful and sustainable life. Achieving this could actually be quite simple – when we end work we should still have energy for important things in our lives. And we can achieve this by working in a purpose-driven way within a frame that does not drain us, but offers a sustainable balance between giving and receiving. A workplace where you can be yourself, grow and support the purpose, so you accomplish great things together.

It might not be easy, but it is possible to create consciously developing organisations that people want to be a part of. It’s all about humans.

Let’s make it happen!


“Be who you are. Ask for what you need. Bring what you have and give what you can. Be whole. Dare to shine.”


My passion is helping people to listen in to discover what really makes them shine. As well as inspiring them and strengthening them to walk tall and face their challenges.

What I have discovered in my own life journey is that authentic listening lies at the core of everything. And it starts by being able to listen in to the voice inside ourselves. To its fears and hopes and dreams. Conquering the fears is the real challenge.

But once we face our fears we can come to realise that there is not really anything to be frightened of. Then we have the freedom and opportunity to live as our authentic selves and achieve our true potential.

Learning to accept whatever comes as “it is what it is” and to take the lessons from what life is trying to teach us is how we can find wonder and beauty in each new day.


“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”


Life is about deep listening to self and others. It is about getting in touch with your aspirations and acting, learning, progressing and letting go to become the best ‘you’ there possibly is in this world. While enjoying the process.

Growing up, I was a shy girl with a backbone of steel (according to friends) and a strong drive to find my way in the world. Balancing my drive to find the spotlight with my humility to take me-time, the question became: What place might there be for a strong yet vulnerable person like me in the business world?

Now, after a journey of 25 years in sales, consulting and coaching, it is obvious that there is plenty of place and that the world desperately needs a large variety of qualities. AND we need to meet the right people to support and challenge us, as I have found on my journey.

I just love to facilitate organisations and teams in creating an environment where people are embracing their qualities and becoming their best selves so that people, teams, customers and organisations can thrive!


“Become the best ‘you’ there possibly is in this world.”