In George Kohlrieser et al's book Care to Dare on Secure Base Leadership he describes the presence of secure bases as essential for people, teams and organisations to flourish. Kohlrieser's work is based on Bowlby's Attachment Theory. In Attachment Theory our ability to be a secure base depends on our levels of anxiety and avoidance.

Completing this questionnaire will tell you how secure you are within yourself. You will get a score for your level of anxiety and avoidance. You will also receive recommendations on how you can develop your sense of security and therefore your confidence if necessary. So that you can be part of a team and/or organisation that plays to win.

Your answers will be stored in our research database and combined with others to form aggregate (anonymous) results. If you answer the questionnaire as part of a team then we will provide aggregated team scores. You will be able to view your results at the end. We will only make individual scores available to a coach or anybody else working with you where you give permission for access.

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Please tick if you are happy for your individual results to be shared with your coach or anyone where you have given permission for access.

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