Listening Organisations

We work with you to help you uncover the purpose, values and vision that can inspire and transform performance within your organisation

The Earth model underpins the work we do with organisations. Purpose and values lie at the core, encompassed by vision. Frame is essential to set expectations between the leadership and teams.

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Listening Leadership

We coach people to develop the behaviours necessary to lead a transformational Listening Organisation to success

Our approach to leadership is based on Kohlrieser’s Secure Base leadership method. We coach leaders on the behaviours required to engender teams that Play to Win.

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Listening to Customers

We work with sales and marketing teams to develop a value proposition based on the organisation’s purpose and values, and enhance the sales approach and skills to build more strategic customer relationships that bring joint success.

Listening to Self

We coach individuals in any role to listen into themselves, recognise their strengths, increase their confidence and ultimately develop the appropriate skills to achieve their true potential. We call this Whole Person Coaching.

Whole person coaching works with people at whatever level is needed in order to move them forward.

Head space is where we focus on the knowledge and skills required.

Heart space is where we look at the emotional blocks to progress, which is often to do with fear and anxiety.

Embodied space is where we get in touch with the systemic issues that may hold people back.

Finally Soul space is where we help people connect with their own individual sense of purpose.

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