Lysna was born out of research; a quest to understand how organisations need to evolve in order to overcome the many challenges now facing humankind. We live in a world where the natural resources on which we depend are being decimated in the name of progress, whilst at the same time we see increasing mental health issues and challenges to how power and authority have been misused and mis-appropriated.

Above all there is a sense that young people in particular are starting to question the way that the world has been traditionally run, and asking whether or not there are other options.
The name “Lysna” is the old Northumbrian word for “to listen” and it represents our common English/Scandinavian/Dutch origins. It was the concept of listening that brought us together. But listening is not just about listening to others – in fact to listen well we have to start by listening into ourselves. Only then can we discover the truth of ourselves and what we have come into this world to do.
The Ansuz rune symbolizes what Lysna is really about. Ansuz represents creativity and communication, in particular listening and speech. Ansuz provides inspiration and guidance through wisdom and power. A famous myth (Hávamál 138-141) tells how Odin hung out by the world tree Yggdrasill for nine nights and assembled the runes to become wiser in words and actions. In Lysna we also spread wisdom in words and actions.